EPIC Te Puke Dollars

EPIC Te Puke Dollars can be purchased at

Paper Plus Te Puke. 

Epic Te Puke Dollars are our very own local currency, a gift certificate you can use to shop locally at Epic Te Puke businesses.

If a business is displaying an EPIC Te Puke Accepted Here decal, they will accept EPIC Dollars. EPIC Te Puke Dollars help support local business.

EPIC Te Puke Dollars are available for purchase at Paper Plus Te Puke and come in $5, $25 and $100 denominations.

100% Phil Booth
Barbz Hairdressing
Stem Specialist Rural Accountants
Cavanagh Motors
Joy Sushi Te Puke
Laser Plumbing Te Puke
Mitre 10 Te Puke
My Pharmacy Te Puke

Where you can spend them

Paper Plus Te Puke
Street 2 Surf
Super Liquor Te Puke
Te Puke Hotel
Te Puke Florist
Te Puke New World
Te Puke Print
Visique Optometrists
Vivian Edgar Optometrists

Plus more – where ‘EPIC Dollars Accepted Here’ is displayed

Terms for Shoppers

1.0 Your purchase of the EPIC Dollars constitutes your acceptance of these Terms.
1.1 These Terms may be amended from time to time by uploading revised Terms to this site.
1.2 EPIC Dollars have an Expiry Date. Unused dollars as at the Expiry Date do not need to be honoured by the listed businesses.
1.3 We have no liability for any goods or services purchased. Any disputes must be resolved with the listed business from which you purchased the goods or services.
1.4 EPIC Dollars remain the property of Epic Te Puke. EPIC Dollars must not be copied or reproduced under any circumstances.
1.5 Change on EPIC Dollars is not required by the business owner.
1.6 EPIC Dollars cannot be used for the purchase of gift cards or exchanged for cash.
1.7 Refunds can only be processed for a replacement EPIC Dollar. 2 weeks allowance is required for this process.
1.8 Valid only with the seal.
1.9 Not valid with the redemption stamp applied. EPIC Dollars can only be spent once.

Terms for Retailers

2.1 EPIC Te Puke Dollars must be valid for a full payout.
2.2 Payments are processed at Stem Rural Accountants, 123 Jellicoe Street Te Puke.
2.3 Valid EPIC Dollars have an untampered hologram foil with a unique code.
2.4 Valid EPIC Dollars must have your business redemption stamp or business details clearly written down on the back.
2.5 Valid EPIC Dollars must be within the expiry date.
2.6 EPIC Te Puke Dollars cannot be spent on gift cards or exchanged for cash
2.7 The EPIC Dollar program runs until 30 June 2021 as a complimentary service to support local businesses. Membership to EPIC Te Puke to support the initiative will be available from 1 July 2021 to opt into.
2.8 By accepting EPIC Dollars, you accept the terms and conditions outlined here.

Thank you to our financial members and supporters

Burley Castle Hawkins Lawyers
Cavanagh Motors
Habitat Real Estate
Laser Plumbing Te Puke
Mitre 10 Te Puke
Paper Plus Te Puke
Street 2 Surf
Super Liquor Te Puke
Te Puke Hotel
Te Puke New World

Visique Optometrists
Vivian Edgar Optometrist
Stem Rural Accountants
Bennetts Proactive
Fenton McFadden
Murray Salt Contractors
Seeka Limited
Western Bay District Council
Kale Print

Christmas Shopping Spree Promotion Terms and Conditions

– EPIC Dollar Terms and Conditions Apply.
– The prize will be given with a variety of $5, $25 and $100 EPIC Dollar Vouchers.
– A maximum of $100 spend per store.
– A minimum of $5 spend per store.
– 3 Hours is allowed to complete the shopping spree. This is approximately 15 minutes per store.
– One Spend is to be a ‘$100 pay it forward’ to a community organisation or volunteer group.
– $200 can be held back and spent at a later time.
– A planned list of the stores is required before the shopping spree date.
– You can bring a support person with you to help shop.
– EPIC will take photos and videos during the shopping spree to use for promotional purposes.